• Theme Name: Shot - Full Ajax Responsive Site Template
  • Latest Version: 1.0.0

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General Features

The Ajax is used to show the pages in this theme. CSS3 and Jquery components were utilized for animations.

This theme comply with SEO. In using Hashtag(#) is able to easily given a link to pages.

This theme offers 3 different kind of background options to you. (Slider, Image, Video) In addition unlimited color alternatives are waiting to you.You can modify to all the colors used in the theme from options window.

Due to improved Html structure of Bootstrap is provided to appear correctly in all platform. (Notebook, Tablet, Phone)

We made readable from XML folder for you can change easily the contents of your portfolio.

“Stamen Map” alternative has been added next to “Google Map” to show your difference from everybody in the contact page.You can find detailed information from here.

HTML Structure

There are 18 HTML pages in this theme.Due to page views provide with Ajax , only Body fields’ inside are being in the internal pages.

Websites’ Head part and Body insides’ menu parts are in the “Index.html”, “IndexVideo.html” and “IndexImage.html” folders.

CSS Structure

There are 6 CSS folders are used in this theme. These ones :

  1. Bootstrap.css
  2. Bootstrap-responsive.css
  3. Jquery.bxslider.css
  4. Jquery.minicolors.css
  5. Shot.css
  6. Thickbox.css

The Item which want to change style is able to find easily in the theme ,the codes are grouped in the Shot.css folder as shown below;

Example :

/*Main Menu Start*/
-some code-
/*Main Menu End*/

/*Footer Start*/
-some code-
/*Footer End*/


Used JavaScript Components

  1. Jquery
  2. Jquery UI
  3. Scroll Pane plugin
  4. Mousewheel plugin
  5. Cycle plugin
  6. Bx slider
  7. Maximage slider
  8. Minicolors plugin
  9. Thickbox lightbox plugin
  10. ScrollTo plugin

The themes contents and views are gained richness with these components.

  1. The “Jquery” is used for Ajax page transitions ,animations and plugins.
  2. The support is retrieved from “Jquery UI” for accordion structure.
  3. “Scroll Pane” plugin is used for horizontal and/or vertical custom scrolls in internal pages.You can find detailed information from here.
  4. “Mousewheel” plugin is used to provide the sense of ball moves of custom scrolls’ over mouse. You can find detailed information from here.
  5. The support is retrieved from “Cycle” plugin for beautify of animation moves.You can find detailed information from here.
  6. “Bx slider” is used for a beatiful look of pictures on portfolio details.You can find detailed information from here.
  7. “Maximage slider” plugin is used to use slider on theme background. You can find detailed information from here.
  8. “Minicolors” plugin is used for color panels on theme settings. You can find detailed information from here.
  9. “Thickbox” plugin is used for display of large-scale dimensions of pictures on Gallery page. You can find detailed information from here.
  10. “ScrollTo” plugin is used in the theme for easier show the details of the clicked item on Portfolio page.You can find detailed information from here.

Special Javascript folder

Written for theme all javascript codes are in the “custom.js” folder.

You can change from this folder the contents,animations and mentioned below areas. Line numbers in the parentheses point to starting line of code block.

  1. Using Hashtag(#),the opening of the relevant page from the called site. (Line: 33)
  2. The opening modes and speeds of submenus’ adjustment in the main menu.(Line: 39)
  3. The social icons’ opening directions and dimensions adjustment in the footer part. (Line: 47)
  4. Calling the pages with clicking links on the menu. (Line: 54)
  5. When clicking on Logo, the method that provides to showing main page.(Line: 71)
  6. The method that calling with Ajax of page contents.(getPageContent) (Line: 81)
  7. The method that required codes for triggered components which used in internal pages. (pageFunctionsLoad) (Line: 108)
  8. Written code block for Toggle. (Line: 115)
  9. Written code block for Skill. (Line: 132)
  10. The code block which provides posts to contact form.(Line: 154)
  11. The code block which provides dinamically create of filter parts on portfolio page.Line: 207)
  12. The code block which brings the portfolio details and html codes that allows to printing to the screen.(Line: 267)
  13. Required code block for loading the Google Map. (Line: 337)

PHP folder

Template uses contact.php file to send mails. Before sending mail, firstly it validates by using jQuery Validate plugin. And if it returns true, than form is submitted.

In contact php, you can arrange the email address to which the mail from site will be sent.

$your_email = "info@example.com";
$email_subject = "New Message: Shot Template";
$email_content = "new message:\n";